The definitive beginner's guide to yoga...

You were somehow convinced to take a yoga class and what you ended up doing was nothing like what you imagined. You ached, pained, persevered, and knew you were not prepared for what you just did. The class said it was for beginners, but you felt like you needed a beginner’s class to prepare for the beginner’s class! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew how to prepare yourself for a yoga class?

As a certified hot yoga teacher and personal trainer at some of the largest and most popular yoga studios in the Philadelphia area, I will teach you everything you need to know to become the best version of yourself. Learn how to stretch gently and safely with warm-up exercises, posture modifications, and alternative postures that can substitute for or augment traditional yoga postures.

Although this book is geared towards beginners, it is designed to help you grow as a yoga practitioner. Intermediate and advanced yogis will benefit from the advanced postures included, such as Eight Angle, Crow, Crane, One-Legged Peacock, and more. Older practitioners will also benefit from the more therapeutic knowledge based on Tony Sanchez's Core 26 and Core 40 classes.

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